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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

An idea conceived in Leeds, the inglish sound collective is formed from a handful or artists from all around England, invested in a variety of music styles. The love for music and all things related to it inspired the inception of a multi-genre label. In an attempt to not categorise our work to one style, an inglish sound record could be anything from soulful liquid Drum'n'bass, to militant style techno, to vibrant house, with the diversity in production linking nicely with the diversity originally associated with the inglish.

Formerly cnb records- between 2014-2016 the inglish sound boys would spend many a weeknight in Leeds mastering their playing styles, and many weekends seeking inspiration from a range musical influences. The passion goes deeper than just enjoying listening to new songs or albums, and the countless hours spent either behind the decks or in the studio is in evidence when listening to either a mix series, or an in-house production.

Lyle MacFarlane and Jamie Leather make up the duo Ambient. Starting their production journey at a similar time a few years ago, the pair decided to join forces whilst exploring different sides of techno in their productions. Whether it is basslines that roll like the hills of Yorkshire, or break beats as snappy as my ex-girlfriends temper, Lyle and Jamie have both been consistently firing out music that could suit any energetic dance floor, and would be welcomed with open arms at any rave worth it's salt. With this being said, Jamie's productions- most recently his release 'Voyage' on Manchester's Tranquil (@tranquilmcr)* has pricked the ears of some of dance music's heavy hitters, notably; Voigtmann, Janeret, Julie Marghliano and Vlad Caia (SIT).

This exclusive bandcamp release is the first time Lyle has put music out in to the open, despite being backed from many places and being told to release some previously Lyle has worked hard on developing a back log of thoughtful tunes that can either leave you on an audible journey, or itching to don your dancing shoes and head out.

Joel Rhule-Samuel, aka Mubo/Mr.Science will be familiar to both viewers of previous inglish blogs and Leeds/London natives alike. Mr.Science has been on microphone duties alongside dnb's finest names for the past 10 years, and was an integral part of Leeds' liquid night Overflow during their 6 year reign. More recently, he has been keeping dance floors warm whilst hosting for Two-Six-One, a London based night that has been pulling out a lot of stops in the past 2 years or so.

In terms of production, Joel can turn his hand to different styles the way a hairdresser would. Soulful liquid drum and bass can can either sound as if you listening to someone raised by the beaches of Brazil, but then you are swiftly reminded of a London upbringing when hearing tunes with nods to garage, jungle, disco, house and some more hard hitting dnb.

After a time in Leeds for university, the alias Mubo was born. Wanting to test the water in a new style of music, he released his first album 'Phase I' in 2016. I've often read articles and reviews of albums that describe the artists tunes as 'melodic, techno and house music' and never really thought it does any justice to the work put it. Mubo music is original, good dance music that gauges influence from other parts of his life and musical interest. Mubo's music is intended to either get your night off to a start or to keep you going into the daylight hours.

As a collective, the inglish sound gender neutrals** work on their craft tirelessly, whether it is digging through record shops and adding to a vast vinyl collection, or spending days on end developing and exploring new sounds to be added to productions.

inglish sound mix 001

The mix series is kicked off by original inglish head, Joel, and taps in to his broad knowledge and passion for dance music. With styles spanning afro-house, techno, break-beat and more, this is an eclectic mix that could be the soundtrack to either your pre-drinks or your after party. In the words of the man himself- "club music is done out cuz" and we tend to agree.***

Please feel free to listen and enjoy any of the releases or mixes and give us a shout if you like them. If you don't like them then please follow this link.


** only two of the inglish sound members are gender neutral

*** depending on the club



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